Hello, my name is Tonya.

The "T" Behind T Hawke Photography

After photographing for over 13 years, I have found my true love in photographing your beautiful pets and your soon-to-be high school graduates. No doubt the two greatest loves of your lives and the ones you treasure above all. 

I love bringing your imagination to life to create the Senior Portrait Styles you love and admire. Seniors spend so much time choosing the styles they love and looking their best, they bring so much excitement to their sessions. The possibilities are endless, and I enjoy every minute of it. And if you have pets, they are always encouraged in your senior photos! 

Pet Portraiture has always been the heart of my business. I have always believed that animals are here to bring us comfort, and unconditional love in its purist form. It is said that the only time animals make us cry is when we have to say goodbye. The one thing that I hear over and over from clients is how grateful they are for their portraits. Because when that day comes, those pictures and the memories they shared are all they have. I can't tell you what an honor it is to be able to give that kind of closure. 

For those who lost their pets sooner than they expected, I offer digital paintings. If clients can provide me with a clear photo of their pet, even if it is a cell phone photo. I can evaluate the image and oftentimes create a gorgeous digitally hand-painted portrait of your pet. 


My promise to you is to bring my skill, love of light, and life together with your vision to create...

-Your Something Beautiful-

Thank you for stopping by,