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Wisconsin Rapids Photographer-Choosing to live life NOW

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“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” - Michael Jordan


Those words are so powerful to me. As a parent of a special needs child I feel like I have missed those 9000 shots every day.  And as a photographer I am never happy with what I have created. There is always something more I could have done... something better. 

I find that I am very hard on myself in nearly every area of my life.


Those of you who have a special needs child know the feelings well. 

The... how can I help my child more?

Why no matter what I do... I feel like I fail every day?

Why people stare and make assumptions about my parenting skills... when my child is having

Meltdown number 10 at the store?

Why does every other Mom seem to have it all together?

Why you have to remind yourself every single day that you are a good mother... that you are

Doing the best you can.

The best you know how.

Why you spend countless hours in therapy appointments, reading every book you can find

When it seems everyone else is enjoying there “Normal life”

You ask yourself... why I can’t have a Normal Life.

And then you see it.

You look at your child and you see that no matter what. You love them.

You see that you will move heaven and earth to make them happy

You see that love is truly unconditional.


If you are like me... you live each day for the next. I can’t seem to turn my mind around it all.

The NOW.

I am always looking for... WHEN.

WHEN my photography business is skyrocketing off the planet

WHEN my daughter can learn to deal with her disabilities and can find a level of control in her own world.

WHEN I have a bigger house

WHEN I have my own dream photography studio

WHEN... Will I be truly happy?


NOW ..is reminding yourself of all the things you have.

NOW ..is remembering that those THINGS were once everything you ever wanted

NOW you have them… ARE YOU HAPPY?


Life happens every moment. I was reminded of this while I have been home sick with the awful flu for days. My daughter was of course bored looking for a project to do. Scrapbooking. Which by the way is on my list of WHEN. So we went into my external hard drive of WHEN… WHEN I HAVE TIME to go through all the snapshots I take on a daily basis. And I saw it.



Life... Happiness … Laughter.. Moments.. All the cakes I spent hours making for the perfect birthday surprise. 

Trips to the Park

Coloring Easter Eggs

Endless pictures of my pets

Days we danced, days of toothless grins

Days of making cupcakes... cookies..

Countless pictures I take of homeless pets in hopes they find a home

Videos of the kids just doing silly things..

Our first pet... or last pet

I see my first picture I ever took when I started my business.. and I see what I can do now


I see that maybe just maybe I do make a difference. I see that life happens around me every day and I miss it somehow.

I truly believe we get lost in the future all the things we hope to have … hope to be.

At least I do.

No it’s not perfect but it is mine... my family... my life happening frozen in a picture.. to remind me. And each of those days thou they may seem insignificant make up my story.


Try hard to find the good in each day. And know that the little things are the big things.


So next time you are bored... sick... pondering how your life is so imperfect. The days you are NOT counting your blessings... LOOK

Look through your pictures.. your memories.. and be reminded of how beautiful your imperfect life is.


You are a GOOD Parent, Sister, Brother, A Good friend. You are because you try your best every day to make it happen.  And you will miss the boat.. many times. You will fall and you will fail over and over. Both in your personal life and in your work.  The key is to get up, brush off the guilt and try again.  You can only truly fail if you quit. 


So take pictures.. A lot of pictures. Even if it is just on your cell phone. (my pet peeve)  As the perfectionist in me says the quality is just not good. But you know. If I had not taken that moment and that picture.. It may be forgotten. So I embrace my imperfect pictures in my imperfect life. Because they are reflections of my life. Reminders that maybe just maybe I have enough. And maybe I can stop and just be happy now.


My passion has always been to record moments. In photography I love nothing more than to sit back and watch a family.. Interact with each other. A pet and their owner lost in a moment. I want to capture the emotion.. what is real.   I want them to look back at the photographs I take of them and remember that moment.  Because in that moment they were happy.   This is my passion and why I love what I do.  Capturing all those imperfect moments and showing you how beautiful your life.. your family.. and you . .really is.


Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.
- John Lennon
















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