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Wisconsin Rapids Photographer-Invest in a memory

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"Newborn Photography" " Newborn in home Photographer" " Wisconsin Rapids Newborn Photography" When I was pregnant with my first child, I spend hours folding each outfit just right for my little girl's dresser. I spent hours painting and stenciling her room.

I picked out the perfect matching crib set and the perfect everything. Every detail of her bedroom was planned to the last sock in the drawer.



After she was born, there was no greater feeling then bringing her home to this perfect place in the world that I had created for her.

This is why I love to photograph newborns and their family in a home environment.

I have discovered overtime that the pictures I cherish the most are the ones that remind me..









The ones that remind me of that time in my life. My child in the backyard they grew up in, pictures within our home. Our surroundings are always changing day to day. And when we look back years later at the pictures we took. 

We remember...

The tiny toes,

The hours we spent

together in the rocking chair.

We remember the

sleepless nights,

And we miss it.


Sometimes less is more.  The simplicity of a photo of you and your baby in the chair you rock her to sleep in every night.  Tiny toes, hands, lips, eyes, every little perfect detail captured in your home. These are the moments you will want to remember. The ones you will someday yearn to have back.

It is said that sometimes the little things, are the big things. And I couldn't agree more. Our best memories are happening right now, not in the distant future. We are always so busy planning what comes next that we fail to cherish what is happening now.

They grow so fast and before you know it your chance to capture those first few weeks are gone. With so much money spent on the little things, invest in something you will cherish forever.

Newborn sessions are best captured in the first few weeks. Be sure to schedule your session in advance. We will talk together about the ideas you have that you want me to bring to life. On your session day we will set aside at least two hours to make time for in between feeding, snuggles, and newborn surprises.

You will never be rushed through your session and will always be comfortable

in the surroundings of your home.

With all things you will buy for your baby in the next months make it a point to invest in a once in a lifetime memory. When your baby is all grown up, and all those things you bought have been sold, traded, and replaced with something else. THIS is the one thing that you will always have.

Don't short change yourself. I promise it will be the best investment you make in the weeks to come. To view session pricing click here



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