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The Pilot- Painting your pets

January 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

2016 is here at last.

I have been beyond excited for it to begin. I truly believe that this year will bring incredible possibilities for my business.

My pursuit of weddings in this new year is off to a fantastic start. I already have four on the books and I am absolutely blessed to be a part of them all. As I journey deeper into my passion to tell a story through photographs I am happy to say I do believe my world is headed in the right direction.

I have two other goals this year. Two bring to life "Painting a Bridge" as well as my "Inspire" series. Both projects near to my heart that have been on the back burner over the last year.

"Inspire" is a branch of T Hawke Photography that I created to share my love of nature, animals , and all things beautiful and mix them with quotes from scripture. My goal is to one day create inspirational calendars and perhaps a book someday. Filled with all the images I find that I feel will Inspire you!

"Painting a Bridge" was created to provide pet owners with beautiful digital paintings of their pets based on the photographs I take during their portrait sessions. But this year I am taking it a step deeper and seeing what I can really do with ordinary pictures.  This will be a valuable asset to those who have previously lost pets and only have a few snapshots of them to remember . If I can take those snapshots and paint you a beautiful memory of your pet ... well that would be something worth pursuing!

With that I give you my Pilot!  My first attempt to recreate a cell phone picture into something incredible. And I think I am on the right track. I still have some more techniques to learn but I am headed in the right direction by far! My only hiccup is blowing up these pictures large. I believe that has a lot to do with the fact that this picture I used was a compressed picture. Imagine what I can do with the original versions!  Take a peek below ! 

Pricing for Painting a Bridge will be posted just as soon as I get everything put together, until then here is my first!


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