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Now booking 2017-2018 Weddings!

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Last Spring I announced I would begin accepting Weddings. I spent years perfecting my work and I was ready to take on the storybook wedding world.  It was always my dream from the very beginning. My second wedding of 2016 was full of elegance and beauty. By far the most breathtaking location I had ever scene. Brandon and Valerie were married at Saint Peter Catholic Church in Stevens Point, WI. This church was stunningly beautiful in everyway followed by the beautiful Sentry World Location for their reception. Not only was this location drop dead gorgeous it has a drop dead beautiful flower hole on their golf course. A sight to see for sure! A perfect mix of Elegance and beauty all rolled into one. I was so excited to take on this wedding .. the biggest one I had taken on to date. Every detail was perfect complete with a live band, a symphony during dinner and Elvis to kick of the party! I was floored!!!

In a perfect world it would never rain on your wedding, or witness a blizzard in the middle of MAY! Or be a 110 degrees like in the first image above.. our plan was to have Bon Fire shots in this gorgeous back patio at Sentry World in Steven Point . Turns out we had enough heat in the air with a wicked storm fast approaching. The winds were picking up just enough to create the beautiful wind blown dress. I fell in love with this shot of Valerie and Brandon the very last one of the night. Just the two of them!  In a perfect dream everything will flow exactly as you imagined in your wedding dreams you have played over and over in your mind for as long as you can remember. I am happy to say I survived several storms, body melting heat, and surprises that caught everyone a bit off guard. I fell in love with the story.. your story. I have said before that I love photojournalism. And weddings are the ultimate story. Thank you to all my Brides and Grooms of 2016. I loved every moment and still tear up looking at some of your pictures. 2017 will be an amazing year of so many more stories to tell and I am beyond excited to start booking even more this season!

Alyssa and Dylan- my most romantic of weddings! Candle light church pews in the beautiful St. John the Evangelist, Episcopal Church in Wisconsin Rapids. This church was one of the oldest I have had the honor of photographing a wedding in. I have always been in love with the older churches. So much character and beauty within those walls. My jaw dropped when I saw just how beautiful it was! I had this shot in my mind from the moment I saw the beautiful light coming through that front door. A perfect shot for two people who are so much in love with each other. Their reception was themed "Around the world" Every table represented another place to travel complete with items from each location. All put perfectly together at Bull's Eye Country Club in Wisconsin Rapids. I have never scene something so well thought out and so stunning in all my life. I spent a good hour just going around a photographing each table and all the hard work they put into them. Details are so important to capture. Brides spend months planning and creating the perfect theme. My surprise came during the Mother Son dance, expecting the usual slow dance I was blown away by the twist of fast dancing and absolute fantastic fun that Dylan's Mom brought to the dance floor.

Just one more thing before I stop bragging this wedding up.. their cupcakes.. OH MY WORD they were to DIE FOR. I still have dreams about that little slice of heaven. I have never in my life scene something so beautiful taste so heavenly good. I can not recommend Higher Grounds Bakery and Coffee House enough. Located in Wisconsin Rapids they are you dream come true for all things sweet. Trust me I am an expert in the field ! I love there treats so much I just might make this my new meeting place for my 2017 Brides and Grooms . And what a perfect way to get a taste of the best while you are planning your wedding with me!

Meg and Chad. Another beautiful wedding I was so excited to be a part of. Their location choice was beautiful with plenty of places to create some stunning images. Lake Arrowhead Golf Course was home to this couple's I Do's. Tables were decorated with beautiful hydrangea's that the bride put together herself. This girl has talent by far. These two had a very powerful connection that showed in their vows and made me shed a few tears during their first dance.

Meg and I were two peas in a pod with our shared need to strive for perfection. Planning down to every single detail our day together was flawless with the exception of the clouds above that made me a tiny bit nervous for rain during the ceremony. But it all worked out and I was again surprised with a twist. While we were getting ready for the ceremony I was standing next to the man in charge of the music.. I heard him play the Star Wars theme on his phone and I joked that it was the perfect song for them both as they love Star Wars! To my surprise I was leaked a HUGE secret .. the recessional song was about to be swapped for the Star Wars theme. And only the Bride knew about it.. and now myself included. So you can bet your buns I was ready and waiting to capture the look on his face when that song played. It was priceless! Second to only their first dance. So many emotions tucked into one song. It took my breath away.

Tony and Amanda my Cinderella Story.

I have know Amanda for 13 years. She was just a child when we first met. Maybe that's why this marriage seems so fairy tale to me. Because I have watched her grow into a beautiful women with the dream of every little girl. A happy ever after. Tony is so in love with her and their sweet baby girl. She found her ever after and I couldn't be more happy for them both. Our biggest surprise came at the hair salon. All of a sudden we looked out the window and jaws dropped. A snow storm in the middle of May. Who in the world would have ever thought. I always tell my Brides.. be ready for anything! Our outdoor picture plans never happened and thankfully we had the gorgeous Saint Lukes Church to take our formal portraits . Plans changed fast and we ended up with beautiful pictures regardless! This was a special wedding for me close to my heart. Filled with friends, family, and perfect couple joined as one. The image below was taken outside of the beautiful Ridges Golf Course! We froze trying to get this perfect shot but it was totally worth every second!



I ended my wedding season with Aja and Brent. My most fun loving couple! They were a blast to work with and blessed me with a first look! This was the second first look I was honored to capture as Meg and Chad also shared a moment before their wedding. When I got married I did it the old fashioned way. But if I could do it all over again I would do "The first look" There is something very special to be said about seeing each other for the first time .. just the two of you.. and me of course.. in the most emotional and breathtaking moment of the entire day.

I can't begin to tell you how magical it is! If you are planning to get married you should really consider it! We had so much fun that entire day. Even if it did start to rain just seconds after the wedding ceremony. I was ready with umbrella holder at my side . Outdoor pictures were complicated but we made it all work. Nothing a few umbrella's couldn't handle. I actually balanced mine on top of my Flash overhead to get these shots! Gorgeous place for a Fall Wedding by the way. Located again at the gorgeous Ridges Golf Course.



I end this post with this advice... Your pictures are the most important piece of your day.. over music .. over food.. over cupcakes.. take the time to research and find a photographer that matches your wedding dreams. Each one of us is different.. different styles of shooting.. different visions. Find your perfect match. I promise you won't be sorry. This is one area you don't want to skimp on. These are your memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. Every single wedding and every single couple is unique and that is why I love them all. No two are ever the same. Every wedding I was blessed with was so beautiful with yummy cupcakes.. wedding cakes.. fantastic dinners.. and great fun. If there was ever a dream job this is it for me. Thank you to everyone who made me a part of your story. I love you all to pieces and may your future be as beautiful as the day you became one.

If you are planning a wedding and would like to meet I would be happy to set up a time to discuss your big plans. I will help you figure out a timeline for your pictures, be present at your rehearsal whenever possible and ready to share in your wedding day excitement!

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