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Painting a Bridge

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Introducing "Painting a Bridge "

The idea for this started a few years ago when I offered end of life sessions to people who faced losing their pet. One last day together captured by me to remember .. forever.

I was blessed to be able to capture several of these beautiful and heartbreaking sessions. But I found over time that those sessions would become few and far between.

Nobody wants to plan the loss of their dog, nobody wants to even think about it. And for way to many it comes without notice


For those who don't know the story of my "Spirit" pictured above go back a few blog posts. You will find his story there. What you don't know is shortly after that heart wrenching day I began seeing a Cardinal. Every day I would go outside and he would be on the fence chirping his heart out.. and I found it funny because Spirit was such a barker. As the days pasted and the bird kept returning I found comfort in seeing him. They say Cardinals are visitors from Heaven. I like to think it was my boy.. stopping by to tell me it was ok. That everything that happened was ok and he is at peace. Yes I do believe dogs go to Heaven. How could they not? I like to think all my pets will be waiting at the bridge for me someday.

So when I recreated this image "original on the right" it was beautiful in itself already. I didn't have to add a whole lot. Except one thing... do you see it? I also added some more big snow flakes and a bit of a somber mood to the image. I have always loved those huge snowflakes and it just seemed to fit.

SO what does this all mean to you? I am now offering digital painting creations based on your own pictures as a brand new service a bit different then the images I have previously created. I skills have increased since I first began this journey and now they have come full circle to offer you a new way to remember your pets. Starting with your images.. even cell phone images. You send me what you love and I will tell you what I can do for you. Sometimes it is all we have. Random shots that we wish were so much more. I can do that for you! 

What is digital painting?  First what it is NOT- you can find phone apps and various photo filters to create something that looks like a painting. And sometimes they don't look to bad. BUT they are very uniform and generic.

What I do is take your original image enhance all the colors, exposure, I remove distracting backgrounds and replace them with something that fits

THEN imagine your image as a canvas of wet paint. With the option to add in more colors and more textures. I use digital paint brushes to go over every single detail of your picture by hand. Depending on the picture it can take around 5 hours to several days to complete.

The end result is a beautiful image your pet recreated to become a breathtaking digital painting. These images can be printed on Professional Photo Paper or even on Canvas depending on the quality of the original image. Make no mistake- these are not created with Paint in any way. They are created on a digital platform and printed much like a standard photo. They just are made to look painted. I find the end result to look very much like your pet.

What you need to know

Your image needs to be digital- I will not work from another professional photographer's image- The image must be your own- NO EXCEPTIONS

Your image at the very least needs to have clarity in the dogs eyes. The eyes is one area that I retouch with a very light hand. The eyes are the most important part of the image and I need a good set to work with. The image must be original from the source- You can't send me a compressed Facebook image and expect me to make a blown up version. It just won't work . Your image has to be straight from the source without compression. If you have any questions about this just send me and email. I will be happy to explain the requirements to you

You will receive a professional 8x10 print of your image included with the fee charged below. I will not sell the digital file. These images are created with a huge color panel. Not every printer can handle such a wide scope of colors and the end result could be less then perfect. Therefore at this time I will not be offering them for sale. You are welcome to order from me anything you would like printed with your pets new image.

My promise to you is that you will love your image. I do charge up front to create the image and I do show you a proof before I print. At that point I can make changes if you wish. I will never agree to create an image unless I am 100 percent sure I can create you a masterpiece. I am so sure you will love it I will give back your money if you don't!

That being said I am happy to say that I am ready to take orders. Now though May of 2017 to start. The amount of time it takes for you to get your image back will be determined by how many clients are in line ahead of you. I will be able to give you a set time of when your image will be ready.

I have placed several before and after's below for you to view. At the very bottom of this blog you will find my pricing for this service. Contact me today for and evaluation of your image.







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