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February 10, 2017  •  2 Comments

When it is winter time I spend my days learning.  The art of photography is always changing as is the software we use to enhance your portraits.

Most of you know I started " Painting A Bridge"  A few years ago in effort to provide a service to clients who had lost their dogs much to soon.

I got really good at painting my own images but found I was lacking in the talent to bring to life something like a cell phone picture. To me the quality just didn't match the vision I had in my own mind. Over the last year I have mastered the art of painting from my client's own images.

I recently invested in new software. Up until this point I have been creating my art pieces in Photoshop. I decided to treat myself to the preferred image software for painting known as Corel Painter. The learning curve for this program is huge. Just like it was for Photoshop. I am still at the beginning stages in learning this new platform. My goal is to begin to paint people as well as animals. I am so in love with art in so many forms and I can't wait till I am able to say I have mastered the next level of my digital painting.

Recently a family member was lost. Meet Cooper.. AKA "Fragile" Cooper came into my extended family full of warmth and kisses. He enjoyed camping and snuggling with his family which include several other family dogs. Cooper crossed the bridge a few days ago and I really wanted to see if I could take a Compressed FB image of a cell phone shot and make it into something more. I was skeptical because the source I had to paint from was such a small file I honestly didn't think it would work. But I wanted to give it a try. I have been playing in my new Painter software for a few days now and wanted to see what I could do . The finished portrait is below as well as the original FB image.

I hope it brings back memories for his family. I thought it was fitting to start out my new painting adventures with this sweet boy.


Jon Dahlman(non-registered)
Love it!
I really like the image of cooper you created! Sure miss my boy
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