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Digital Paintings Created With YOUR Photos

March 24, 2017  •  1 Comment

Those who have been following my blog know that I have been spending the last few months perfecting my digital painting skills.

This Image is of a Mother and Son!

This time I wanted to take an image that was perfect resolution , lighting and color. Then mix it with a ordinary image taken in a customers home with not so perfect light.. color .. and one that was lacking in details. I wanted to see if I could bring the two images together and create something beautiful despite their difference. The image above is my final image and I am pretty proud of my efforts.  Take a peek below to see how I brought it all together.

Original Image of the dog on the right. Taken from a compressed Facebook copy.

The Image Below is The original image of the Mother of this dog that I photographed for a client a few years back

Take a peek at the close up of the two images after I fused them together and you will be able to see the quality difference between the two.



K Smith(non-registered)
Tonya, This is like a fairy tale ! You've taken two rather nice photos of my dogs and compiled an artistic masterpiece. There is an ethereal quality and a lightness about the finished product that sets my heart aflutter. Thank-you !
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