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Letting your baby go.. the first three dances through the eyes of a parent

August 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Your dress flows beautifully across the dance floor just as you dreamed it would.. you look into the eyes of the one you have searched for your entire life. The one who's heart feels like your home. You are lost in the moment and the entire world just fades away as you embrace to the song that brings two together as one.

Across the room tears.. tears of joy tears of maybe just a little bit of sadness... but a good sadness. The ache in a parents heart as they let their baby go. And the happiness knowing that their sweet baby boy..beautiful baby girl .. has found a love to share their lives with.

It is true .. what they say. There is no love in this world more powerful then the love you feel the first time you hold your child.. the love that grows year after year.. an unbreakable bond. 

I can tell you that every single time I photograph a wedding.. hiding behind that camera I fight back tears. I am so moved by the entire experience. The First Dance.. the Father-Daughter... and the Mother-Son. I think if my daughter shall get married that I will start a new tradition .. the Mother- Daughter dance. Because I will surely want to hold my baby girl for just one more dance before I let her go. And my Son.. oh that will be a really hard one for me. Not that I love my daughter any less. My family and my profession are the answer to every dream I have ever had in this life.. and ever will. 

But there is something about the bond between Mother and Son.. and A Father with his Daughter. And I see it in their eyes.. when they dance. And it fills my soul with so much gratefulness that I get to be a part of something so absolutely beautiful . 


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