What do I get with my session ?

I currently offer limited time digital packages.

Or pay by the hour sessions. Please see the pricing drop down menu located on my home page for details

Packages save you big money both in digital and print prices!

Please see packages for details.

When purchasing sessions by the hour you are paying for my time, talent, travel up to 25 miles, and standard digital enhancement of your final images.

Final images are chosen by me based on my ability to choose the portraits that will provide you with the best clarity, color and those that will provide the best print quality. Not all images taken at your session will shown or offered for sale based on the above qualities.


All sessions are carefully viewed and edited. Extensive editing upon request will require additional fees that will be determined and agreed upon by both parties. I spend several hours going through your photographs and perfecting them for printing. My suggestion is to order your prints through me. My prints are color corrected and prepared for the professional print labs I use. Although I do offer digital options it is urged that you print any wall prints or items of value through me to insure color accuracy.

If you purchase a digital package and wish to print your own pictures please ask for my personal recommendations of local print shops in the Wisconsin Rapids Area.


Can I print my own pictures if I purchase digital files?

You will receive a print release with your purchase of a digital file. You may use this release to print at the labs you choose but as mentioned above there is no promise of a decent print with discount labs who use automatic color correction. Remember those gorgeous pictures in your gallery.. the ones with that glowing sunset behind you? Well , automatic color correction will look at that print and say.. wow that background is to bright.. lets make this whole print darker. Then guess what happens to your faces? That is right.. you just became a very dark shadow. I promise professional printing is so much better. Why spend the money on a professional photographer but not the professional print. Invest in your memories. Archive your digital files, Professionally print your memories!


If I purchase my digital files I can do whatever I want with them?

Your print release only allows you shared rights to your file to print for personal use. The use of your file in photo contest, for profit, commercial use or any other purpose violates copyright laws.


Can I bring my pets?

YES PLEASE DO!  At T Hawke Photography pets are encouraged. They are part of your family after all. I do ask that you however do not bring an aggressive dog. Please use common sense.

If you are bringing your pets please allow for additional time within your session. The average session lasts at least an hour , up to two hours for families depending on how many of you there are. Seem like a long time? Trust me when I say time goes very fast when we are walking throughout your location , especially if you plan to have multiple locations. I never want you to feel rushed through your session. If you have young kids who you already know will be challenging to photograph, no problem. I love a challenge but schedule according to the time that will be needed to create your family portraits. I have patience of steel but I can not make a miracle out of an impossible situation. Please do not bring a child with high expectations beyond what you know they are capable of doing. There is nothing worse then a family session of parents that are upset and kids that are crying because expectations were set to high. I want your portraits to be a happy memory!


How long before my portraits are ready to view ?

Most sessions depending on how many portraits were taken should be ready for viewing via online gallery in 2 weeks or less.

You will be notified of the expected wait at the time of your session.


How long can I view my gallery?

Galleries are open for up to three weeks after they have been posted. You must order your portraits within this time frame unless prior arrangements have been made before session begins.


When do I pay?

All session fees including packages are due in full BEFORE your session begins. No exceptions

I accept cash, credit cards, and checks. ($40.00 NSF fee on all returned checks)

All portrait orders are made online via your gallery link and must be paid in full at time of checkout


How many clothing changes do I get?

As many as you want!  My sessions are based on time. Please schedule a session with enough time to allow for the number of clothing changes you would like. The average session is no less then an hour for a single subject and location. Multiple locations and clothing changes will require more time. Please ask if you are not sure about how much time to reserve.