-Painting A Bridge-

Hello and welcome! If you are finding yourself visiting here you most likely have lost your best friend, or someone you love has suffered the same. Over the years I have said goodbye to so many pets. Not only my own but clients who have contacted me with their heartache. The only comfort we have is a handful of memories. The hope that they are in a better place. Free of pain and waiting for the day they see their family again. The Rainbow Bridge. It is a beautiful concept created by someone who has felt this unbearable loss. 

"Painting a Bridge" was my vision, a few years ago I thought... What if I could create a beautiful image for people to remember their pets by? Something that could be displayed in the family room... something to bring comfort. At first, I was just creating digital paintings. I took either photos that I had taken myself of client's pets or taken photos that clients had brought to me from their collections. We don't always get to have that professional photo shoot... sometimes we lose our babies in the blink of an eye. And at that point, all we have are random cell phone pictures. My vision was to take those photos and place the pet someplace beautiful... someplace I like to imagine they might be. The Bridge... the place of peace we all hope for.  In the last few months that vision has come to life. I have so many beautiful backdrops that I have been placing pets into. Peaceful, beautiful dreams!

The image above was created based on the image shown here. A sweet client of mine who recently passed away. Chance was a favorite as he reminded me of my dog whom I lost years ago.

I wanted to give you an example of before and after.

I can't do this with every image, sadly there have been a few people contacting me with images that just did not have high enough quality. But there have been many times where I could use their image. And the results were beautiful!

If you think you are interested in this process you can contact me via email at [email protected]. I can take a look at your photos and let you know if I believe it is possible.

It takes me several weeks to complete an image from scratch. There is a great deal of work that goes into creating the composite. Once I have placed the animal, I blend in color tones and paint in details to blend it all together.




The image above was a special request and the first of a kind. This dog was a dear client of many years, we always photographed Bones in a studio setting. Mom wanted to place him in a different setting and wanted to add a few magical elements. This was a project I had never tried before but wanted to pay a nice tribute. I am so happy with how it turned out. He was a pretty amazing little dog... I have no doubt he has wings!

Meet Smokey, this young man is alive and well. He is my massive cat who came to me as a tiny kitten and has grown into a huge, huge cat. He is the biggest baby in the world. He is an indoor-only cat. I wanted to create a portrait of him based on how I would imagine he would look if he got to be outdoors.

The image in blue is the original image taken in a studio. This is the before and after effect.

If you are interested in having a portrait created, please contact me with your design ideas and images you wish to use. I would be happy to look them over and determine if I can create a design for you. 

$65.00 plus tax is the cost to create an image from scratch (your own images). Once I create your portrait you will be able to view and approve before you will be sent a download gallery. You will receive a print release with your image as well as a social media version to share with friends and family. 

Previous clients who have had a session with me. If you would like me to use an image from your session- Your cost is $32.50 plus tax. I can take any one of your images and place your pet into a beautiful backdrop. I do keep most of my sessions on a backup drive so just let me know if you would like me to recover one.    

Of course, there is always the option to purchase professional products from me as well. My printing lab offers beautiful framing options!

Please take a look at several more tributes to some of my favorite fur babies. Feel free to contact me with any questions!